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The First GoPro Kayak Outing at Hellesdon Mill

Saturday, 15 October 2016 08:15

Having purchased the GoPro I was eager to get out and try it, after sticking a mount onto the kayak I was ready to go and begin my first filming and editing adventure. Off to Hellesdon Mill for a quick paddle!

Hellesdon Mill, based on the North West side of Norwich sits on the River Wensum before it winds it's way through the city centre. The mill is of course no longer used, but it provides a few little pieces to play on and only a short drive from home, perfect for a quick experiment with the new camera. Parking for kayaking here is easy, there is a small riverside car park just off Hellesedon Mill Lane, be careful though as my Yaris with two kayaks on the roof doesn't fit under the barrier. It's a case of stop, unload the kayaks then drive into a space, but don't worry it's no more than 30m to carry your vessel.

From the mill you can easily paddle downstream to Norwich, quite an interesting route and even includes a pub stop. But for today, I took the first right turn and headed to the sluice gate to play in the rushing water. There's also a little concrete ramp here that provides an easy portage to the other side of the sluice where an inexperienced paddler can attempt their first launches off the fairly low wall, my friend James even had a go here a few weeks earlier on his first time on a sit on top! No great exploration or distance today, just playing around to get some video to play with.

I'd stuck a mount onto the front of the kayak, and played around with facing the camera both ways and also taking a video with the camera sat on the bank. When your activities don't quite live up to the adventure levels of the GoPro athletes, creating various angles can inject some more interest. Of course, with only one camera, this does mean carrying out the same activity a number of times to ensure you get a few angles.

Back home and I loaded the various videos into my iPad over WiFi, neat feature for getting the video out (especially as my PC is rather slow) but I wondered how well I'd be able to edit video on the device. I used the free software GoPro splice to put a video together, it's easy to use and works well with the touchscreen interface. The final video came together quickly and the iPad managed to keep up (though I feel it may struggle on bigger edits). Take a look below. 

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