Blogging about road cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking and cats.






In case you wondered where the name Majaba came from.

Hi I'm Matt, owner of this here site Majaba.

Through various discussions at work, I realised I actually get up to a fair bit in my spare time. I started this blog as a way of capturing it all, documenting it and putting it on display. I'm blogging about road cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking and even the cats. I cycle quite a lot, from commuting (nearly) every day, riding with one of the local clubs, the 'Yorkies', to getting my mountain bike out in the forests and sometimes further afield. I've climbed for a number of years now, never at a particularly high grade, but through climbing I've met some great people and shared some truly memorable experiences. I'm fairly new to Kayaking, we (my partner Leah and I) bought a pair of sit-on-top Kayaks recently and are using them to explore the Norfolk broads. The cats are Widget and Gizmo, not particularly adventurous compared to everything else, but they deserve an honourable mention at least.

I want a few things from my blog, firstly as a channel for showcasing some of the activities I get up to. People at my new job commented that I get up to a lot, I always just found it normal to get out there and do stuff, maybe it's worth writing about. Secondly, by blogging I hope to improve my writing and hopefully be able to make well rounded articles for you all. Next I'm hoping it will become a resource for some people as it grows, I was particularly inspired by some of the writings of Steve Silk at  The Wherryman's Web which acted as a great resource when starting out paddling around Norwich.

Lastly I hope that by creating content about my activities, I'm pushed to get out there more and push my adventures further in order to make the site better.

See you out there.